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Prama Charity Superstore - Supporting the Community.

Prama's Charity Superstore is already making a significant impact on the lives of older adults, not only by generating more income for Prama’s support services but also playing a crucial role in raising awareness of the needs and aspirations of older adults.

Aaron, Head of Retail Operations said: We have been busier than we anticipated – with customers and donations which is great. With our fixed pricing on our clothes, we have customers that visit all of our shops and we have seen them at the Superstore, we have also attracted new customers who love our low pricing. We also sell furniture which we can deliver too.

Chris, PramaLife Programmes Director said: The generosity of Prama customers is helping the charity to sustain and develop its network of 19 weekly/biweekly support groups for people with dementia and their carers across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and East Dorset.

The groups ensure that the participants can enjoy a good level of health and well-being through:

  • Activities which help the person with dementia with their memory and other cognitive skills. For example, current groups sessions focus on spring and participants will handle objects, hear sounds and experience aromas which will stimulate their memories/thoughts of spring e.g., the aroma of flowers.

  • Quizzes, including word searches and visual exercises e.g., based around films of their youth, middle age etc.

  • Music plays a significant part in our groups, because it stimulates positive memories and many of the participants enjoy singing.

Since opening the Superstore in February 2023 Prama has delivered 146 group sessions for a cumulative total of 1,505 people living with dementia and their carers. This is more than double the amount of group sessions and people we were supporting prior to the pandemic. This support is much needed by the participants:

I am always often amazed at the memories that have been stirred in him…. Things I’d thought long forgotten! Also, a nice little interlude for me… a couple of hours of “me time”.

Memory Lane means a great deal to me. It has helped me through the darkest time of my life. The whole group is welcoming, friendly and understanding.

Music brings back such lovely memories and being able to sing along with others. So nice to get out of four walls and not spending so much time on my own. Please keep these groups going as it’s a life saver to so many.

We are always looking for volunteers at the Superstore, pop in and speak to the Manager for an application pack or email or click here to apply online today.

We also have a new Charity Shop opening in Westbourne this Summer. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with all new announcements.


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