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FOCUS Carer Support Scheme

A free service to you as a Carer in BCP

FOCUS offers emotional and practical support through befriending and mentoring carers. 

Focus Befriending and Mentoring can join you up with someone to regularly talk to as a befriender (phone or face to face), or with a mentor who is an experienced carer themselves.


Carers Supporting Carers

SignpostinMonthly groups to meet with other carers - understanding you are not the only one and not alone. Sharing experiences, gaining a sense of perspective, understanding transitions/future developments, developing and sustaining friendship.

Befriending and Mentoring | 1.2.1 Support

Signposting to other support and services.


All calls are treated confidentially, and if we aren’t the right solution for you, we will try our best to signpost you to other support or help.

Can You Help? 

If you are a current or ex-carer and have the time to

support others, we would value your input and

experience as a volunteer.


BCP council funding pramalife FOCUS carers support shceme
pramalife FOCUS carers support scheme
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Looking for some extra support at home?

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PramaCare supporting people at home supporting carers

Whether you are looking for help with domestic chores, regular support with daily personal care, or some support to enjoy your favourite activity, PramaCare can arrange a solution that is completely unique to you and your situation.

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