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The Old Rope Walk Kitchen Project

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

On 21st April 2020 PramaLife were able to raise a total of £46,810 for the Kitchen Project at The Old Rope Walk, with the incredible support from Morrisons Foundation, Poole Council, Aviva, The Percy Bilton Charity and The Rank Foundation, all of which made this possible. The intention behind the Kitchen Project was to better the lives for the local residents and a wider community, with communal meals, cookery lessons and volunteering opportunities. Alongside the refurbished kitchen at The Old Rope Walk, Aviva also wanted to refurbish the communal dining room in order to create a more welcoming environment for those attending the groups, with new lights fitted, a fresh coat of paint and new wallpaper, it has completely transformed the dining room.

Bridget Barrett, Poole-Manager at PramaLife said:

"It’s just brilliant to have such a fantastic, modern kitchen now. It’s taken a while to get the work done but it’s certainly been worth the wait. The kitchen is currently used by various groups and clubs including: Sporting memories, Memory Lane group, Armchair keep fit class, Afternoon Bingo session, Museum memories and Friday coffee morning."

One of the volunteers said:

"Having the kitchen renovated has made such a big difference. We now have the facilities to do proper meals and cooking for people. It will make things so much easier. We are really looking forward to preparing our first roast meal and do Christmas lunch for our group. The hall being decorated is also lovely."

One of the group members expressed:

"I’ve been alone, being able to get out and meet people again has made such a difference. Its lovely to chat with people again. Lockdown made me feel so lonely at times. I’ve come along to the keep fit and coffee morning. It’s made such a difference to how I feel."

Within the first year, Prama hopes that the kitchen will benefit over 1000 people, with soup mornings, cookery, baking days, lunch clubs and subsidised meal delivery services, that will all be accessible due to the refurbishments of the kitchen facilities and appliances. Volunteers and group leaders intend on reducing isolation, developing cooking skills, improving physical activity and providing nutritious meals whilst being in good company throughout.


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