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PramaLife Manager Wins Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Hero Award

The 2023 Dementia Hero Awards recognise and celebrate the involvement and participation of people affected by dementia in activities and projects, centering the people affected by dementia as our Dementia Heroes.

PramaLife Manager, Sue Warr was one of three finalists in her category, Dementia Hero Award for Professional Excellence (Individual): Supporting people living with dementia to be actively involved in their own care, treatment and support can improve their outcomes and experience. This award honours healthcare professionals or organisations who’ve worked with those in their care, or their family/support network, to develop personalised care in residential, homecare or healthcare settings.

Sue was awarded Dementia Hero Award for Professional Excellence, for her compassion and support for people living with dementia, creating opportunities and helping them regain confidence.

Sue said:

“It feels absolutely lovely to win the award. I know I was up against stiff competition because there’s so many people out there doing so many good things for people who are living with dementia. But actually this feels lovely, to be recognised for it. But it’s not just about me, as far as I’m concerned. It’s about the whole of the charity I work for. Everyone there is sharing with my winning, so thank you.”

With hundreds of people attending PramaLife clubs in Dorset, Sue is responsible for all staff who are delivering 61 weekly groups and activities across Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and East Dorset. Prama Life provides Memory Lane groups, lunch clubs, arts and crafts, befriending, community connectors, and telephone friendship groups.

Sue has been commended for her listening skills and taking the lead from people with dementia and carers to make changes both in and out of the organisation, continually thinking of ways Prama Life can support people.

The person nominating Sue for this award said, “I first met Sue when she was talking about Prama Life at an event and I mentioned that I was struggling to get support, as I was sure something wasn't quite right with my health and memory. Prama Life literally changed my life from that point, guiding me to a diagnosis of dementia and embracing me into their organisation and activities. As you can imagine during the moment of diagnosis you can feel very out of control with a sense of loss. Sue valued me, welcomed my perspective and made me feel like I had purpose. She really changed my life.”

Following their diagnosis, Sue’s nominator became a volunteer at Memory Lane groups, regularly talking to people and professionals about living with dementia. This has had a huge impact on this person’s confidence and wellbeing- helping others to accept their diagnosis and take control of it.

They said,

Sue really carers about people and has made me feel a valued part of the organisation. It’s been such a wonderful experience being involved with Sue and PramaLife and I’d like to nominate her to show my appreciation for all the work she’s put in to make a difference. I feel connected to a community that makes me feel part of something bigger.”

"I would just add that I was so surprised and touched by the fact that I have been nominated for this award by Jimmy…This award recognises the work that PramaLife is doing to support those living with dementia, and their carers. We will continue to work to raise funds to be able to expand our activities, and be guided by those who use the services on what these activities should be."

Sue Warr, PramaLife Manager - Dementia Hero


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