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  • Emma Longden

PramaLife During Lockdown

Lockdown unfortunately meant that our PramaLife community groups had to temporarily close, to protect staff, volunteers and attendees. The team have been busy working behind the scenes to help provide support via the phone and online, as well as working closely with other local organisations to help the community as a whole.

We had a quick catchup with Sue Warr, PramaLife Pathways Manager, who provided an insight into what the PramaLife team have been getting up to lately.

"We have been running the Telephone Friendship Line and Phone Befriending. These support lines have helped provide companionship for many people. You can give our team a call on 01202 022987".

"The team have also been working on the Volunteer Mentoring and Befriending Project –

This is something that Diana Perie is currently looking for volunteers for, so please do get in touch if you are interested".

"Sam Pavey has been engaging with informal and unpaid carers, to identify what their needs are, whilst Keith Gubbins has been supporting churches, helping make more churches Dementia Friendly, and joining churches and care homes together to support each other".

"Finally, we have been preparing to launch the Telephone Friendship Group (which launches this Saturday August 1st). So it is a busy but exciting time for us here".

The PramaLife team cannot wait to see you in person again, but in the meantime, they are at the other end of a phone should you need their support!

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