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Prama Works Together Against Fraud with HSBC

Prama have teamed up with HSBC@Home to deliver a 30-minute virtual webinar on how to recognise fraud.

We know that, unfortunately, fraud is rife. Have you had a text, phone call or email from ‘your bank’ and it wasn’t your bank? It’s natural to think that fraud is something that happens to other people, but we’re all vulnerable. Together we have the power to tackle the issue.

The session is designed to educate people on the different types of fraud, the things to look out for and ultimately give people tools on how to protect themselves.

A previous participant said:

“Thank you for setting up the meeting… I found the information provided was interesting and most informative and will definitely help me recognise questionable contacts in the future”.

The session is being held virtually on 28th April at 1pm and participants will be able to access it via a computer, tablet or smart phone. Although they will be able to see and hear the presenter, the organiser will not be able to hear or see them. Those participating will also be able to ask questions via a live Q&A using their keyboard.

No personal information, including names, will be divulged to other participants.

If you are interested in taking part, you can contact Prama’s Fundraiser, Chris Wakefield, via email or call 07775677162 for more information.

Alternatively, you can find out more information on the Facebook Event page, or book directly onto the event via Eventbrite.

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