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Support Prama with BH Coastal Lottery

Our vision is a world where no-one is unfairly disadvantaged or excluded because of age or infirmity and where every person can enjoy life as they age.

We provide community support to over 280 isolated and vulnerable adults on a weekly basis through a wide range of clubs, social activities, support groups, community hubs and personal visits.

We want to grow our clubs and community support and to do this we must increase our income.

How the Coastal Lottery works:

Some of our players have won big!

For only £4.34 a month, you are entered into the draw with one ticket weekly - you are able to change your payment method as well as the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

The BH Coastal Lottery enables Prama to annually bring in £390 from the 8 players that have selected Prama as their cause. Prama's annual target is £1,300, can you help us reach that?

Click here to take part in the lottery and select Prama as your cause:

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