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PramaLife WIN Community Cashback with SPAR

SPAR invests back into the local communities we serve, looking after our shoppers and helping to build and strengthen our local neighbourhoods.

The SPAR Community Cashback scheme has awarded 30 grants in total to local voluntary or community organisations who need it the most from all geographical regions across the UK.

Mark Marsh, Area Manager for Spar came along to The Old Rope Walk Memory Lane Group on Monday to present the £1000 cheque.

We would like to thank SPAR for this generous donation, which will enable PramaLife to...

  • Continue delivering the network of groups for over 100 people with dementia and their carers on a weekly basis.

  • Support people in between meetings, this may involve helping someone with adaptations to their homes and/or support for carers who are struggling with their roles, such as applying for benefits or social care support.

  • Attract more participants to Prama's groups. For example, Prama are currently working with the Defence Medical Welfare Service and the Veterans Hub in supporting carers from the armed forces community.

  • Add to the quality of Prama's activities. Prama are exploring the use of Virtual Reality with people with Dementia & their carers, working with partners, so that people with dementia can access a greater range of reminiscence materials.

The Memory Lane groups are led by trained staff members supported by volunteers. Prama provide as much one to one support as possible. They do this because many of the people attending these groups have been greatly affected by their dementia.

Some feedback from Prama's Memory Lane Group members/relatives...

"Although I used to take my Mother-in-Law to a number of activities through various organisations, PramaLife were always at the forefront in offering assistance, they were the only organisation who telephoned or “doorstep” visited me on a weekly basis throughout the lockdown and were the first to contact me when matters eased."

"They are simply superb; my Mother In-Law and others are uplifted on every occasion we and they attend their functions and Memory Classes. They enter the room, sometime morose, lonely and thinking they have forgotten everything and invariably leave in high spirits. This is due not only to the friendliness and professionalism of the staff and volunteers, but also the careful planning and presentations of past music, songs, films, photographs and so, so much more - all designed to draw from them memories they thought they had forgotten, restoring a measure of self-confidence often so lacking."

"My Mother-in-Law is often in low spirits despite the efforts of my wife and myself, but when I say to her “We are going to PramaLife today” she somehow remembers, smiles, becomes animated and quite honesty cannot get out of her little flat fast enough. Thanks to PramaLife."

If you would like to find PramaLife Groups near you go to


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