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Prama Donation Bins - delivered to your door

Yesterday, residents at Georgina Talbot House were the first to receive their donation bin and were happy that they are now able to donate their pre-loved goods easily, without having to go far.

We plan on delivering around 13 donation bins to organisations and homes across BCP over the following months to come. By providing donation bins within the community, it allows us to keep our charity shops filled, to continue funding PramaLife's 55+ groups and activities - we hope to encourage locals within BCP to donate their unwanted items at the convenience of having their own donation bin within their place of work or other.

Kathy, Deborah and Mary receiving the first Prama Donation Bin

If you are interested in having a Prama Donation Bin to donate your pre-loved items, please contact Aaron, Retail Operations & Ecommerce Manager on

Alternatively, there is now a donation drop off centre at the Prama Furniture Warehouse located on the Nuffield Industrial Estate in Poole, or you can bring your donations to any of our charity shops - find your local shop here:

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