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Keith Gubbins - One of Prama's London Marathon Runners 2021

Keith Gubbins tells us about his and Julie's Virtual Virgin London Marathon 2021 experience:

"Standing in a middle of a field coaching a football match on the Saturday before the Marathon, soaked through, cold due to the monsoon rain thinking if it is like this tomorrow I am not doing the run.

Well... what a difference a day makes. Beautiful sunshine, so after checking we had the necessary items with us like, sweets, water, energy gels, spare socks and plasters we set off about 8am.

Having done the walk last year we knew what to expect so this year we thought let’s make the walk as flat as possible but with great views. Setting off from Canford Heath and with a slight detour to get extra miles in we headed to Coy Pond and with the many dog walkers, nodding to each one with the customary greetings of “morning” we headed through the gardens to Bournemouth pier.

We were really making good time and its always an encouragement when you meet other runners/walkers who are taking part in the Marathon for the cry of “Keep Going or Well Done” as we walked to shore road, around the peninsula and down to White Cliff.

The weather had been amazing but as we got close to White Cliff Julie said “has that lady fallen into the harbour” as she was soaked, in a matter of seconds we were hit by a monsoon of rain which lasted no more than 10 minutes, so it was a good time for a pit stop and use the facilities. We then headed to Poole harbour (facility stop) the sun was now out again as we headed to Hamworthy before walking through Upton Park and Home.

Time finished 7 hours 35 mins over an hour faster than last year. A few aches and a black toe to show for it but over the moon in completing it.

We both agreed that walking for PramaLife gave us an extra spring in our step knowing that the money we were raising was going to be used in so many amazing ways. Sponsorship money we raised should be over £1000 so a big thank you to all who helped in raising this amount. Also to Pramalife for arranging and getting our places into the Virtual London Marathon – Here’s to next year!!!!"

- Julie & Keith

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