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Keeping Occupied During Self-Isolation

The latest government advice is to stay home and stay safe, wherever possible, regardless of your age or health. For those aged over seventy, or in the high-risk categories, it is important to be self-isolating at this time. Self-isolation is something that might be a new concept for you, and it may feel unsettling to need to stay at home for an extended period of time. If you are feeling unsure of what you can get up to whilst at home, here are some ideas of activities you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Start a Puzzle

With time on your hands, now is the perfect chance to complete that puzzle you’ve had sitting in your cupboard. If you don’t have any, why not order them online for delivery? Having something to come back to when you are bored or feeling anxious can be calming.

Read those Books

Catch up on reading. What better time to get stuck in with a good book and escape to other

realities from the comfort of your living room.

Keep Up Your Hobbies

It is important to continue with your hobbies in whatever way possible. If you usually attend an art class, why not get in the supplies to continue painting or drawing from home? If you usually meet up with friends to have a knit and a natter, what’s stopping you from continuing at home? You can set up ways to communicate in groups on the computer or using a smartphone or tablet.


Exercise is important not just for your overall health, but also for your mental wellbeing. There are plenty of exercise tutorials on YouTube for all levels of fitness, including specific videos made for those in self-isolation.

Online Quizzes

If you enjoy taking part in quizzes or activities like BINGO, why not join in online? Prama have a new weekly quiz, which you can take part in online. There is even the chance to win prizes, whilst supporting a local charity!

Visit Attractions Remotely

Many tourist attractions, museums and even theme parks such as Disneyland are taking to the internet to offer virtual tours, letting you get out and about without physically leaving your house.

Talk to Family and Friends

You may not be able to see your family and friends for your own safety, but this doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them. Pick up the phone and have a nice chat, or use technology to have conversations ‘face to face’. You can even join in group chats with your loved ones across the world, helping to beat feelings of isolation.


If you enjoy the crossword in the newspaper each week, why not get yourself a puzzle book to keep your mind active. There are plenty out there to choose from, and you can also find websites and apps on your smartphone and tablet that offer brain teasers and puzzle games.


If you have access to a garden, make sure you get outside and have some fresh air. Ask

somebody to bring you over gardening supplies and get your hands dirty for something to keep you busy.

Write Your Story

Now is the perfect time to reflect and write. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write your own

memoirs or a short story, but haven’t had the chance. Writing can be really therapeutic. You can write by hand, type on a computer or laptop or even use apps to dictate your words.

Listen to Music

Music is fantastic for mental health. Make some time each day to play your favourite songs, have a sing along in the kitchen or play a musical instrument.

If you are self-isolating, it can feel a little daunting. By keeping yourself busy and staying in touch with others, it will feel less lonely. These are uncertain times, but we are all in this together. If you are feeling alone, reach out to others for help, advice and reassurance. Know you are not alone.


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