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Five Reasons to Shop Secondhand this Autumn

September can feel like a fresh start, the leaves on the trees start changing colour, preparing to fall, children return to school and, for many, it feels like summer is officially over. If you are feeling a little disheartened by the change of season, why not give yourself a fresh start this September and treat yourself to some new items for your autumn/winter wardrobe?

Here are five reasons to shop secondhand with Prama this autumn!

It's Cheaper

With many charity shops, including our own, offering branded clothing at discounted prices, it makes sense to shop secondhand and bag yourself a bargain. In our Prama Boscombe shop, there is currently a end of summer sale on with prices as low as £1 per item!

It's More Ethical

Fast fashion is unsustainable and puts pressure on the planet. By opting to shop secondhand, you are helping to save our planet whilst treating yourself to a new item of clothing. It takes a huge amount of water to make the clothes we wear, more than you would think. In a world where so many don't have access to clean water, it makes sense to decrease the demand for fast fashion and shop more ethically.

It Supports a Good Cause

Shopping with us at Prama, rather than on the highstreet, helps us to continue our work in the local community, including supporting carers and people living with dementia. We have continued to work throughout these challenging times, taking a lot of our support online and adapting to continue to help those who need it. Your donations and the sales we make in our shops help make this work possible.

You Can Declutter at the Same Time

Feeling guilty about restocking your wardrobe when you still have so many clothes at home? Why not use the change of season as an excuse to clear out and donate your unworn clothes to charity? That way you make space for your secondhand buys and give the chance for somebody else to give your clothes some love, all whilst helping support a charity at the same time!

It Saves Clothes from Landfill

A staggering amount of clothing ends up in landfill each year (around £140 million worth of clothing). By shopping secondhand at Prama, you are not only saving yourself money and supporting a good cause, you are also helping to save the planet from harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

We hope to have encouraged you to try shopping secondhand this autumn. We look forward to seeing you in one of our shops soon!


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Mudassar javaid
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