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Dementia Action Week - A Carers View

In light of Dementia Action Week, we asked our carers about their experiences and feelings about caring for people living with dementia.

Working with Prama, not all my clients have dementia, but some do. I feel very passionate that, although those with dementia may not quite have the same life they had before, they can still have a very fulfilling life and are valued by those who care for them. I have been particularly impressed with the activities Prama provide such as the Memory Lane Groups with specific activities for those living with dementia. Clients can have welfare visits or smile visits - where carers can spend time individually with the client doing an activity or just popping in for a chat and a cuppa. All care plans and packages are delivered in a person-centred way, with support, encouragement and independence. Working for Prama, I have confidence in caring for those with dementia due to the excellent induction, ongoing training, and the first-class support from the admin staff.

- Lisa, Prama Care Support Worker

Dementia - Over my ten years with Prama & beforehand, is rewarding and fascinating.

From a Prama, CHRIST perspective, it tests all those components & more.

It's an honour, (yes, I know I say this often), to share a small part of our Client's lives & listen to their lives & adventures, but the recollection from with those with dementia are often peppered with more mischief & fun.

- Glenda, Prama Care Support Worker

We appreciate our Care Teams' efforts and resilience, and most importantly for all going above and beyond to support our clients needs.

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