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Bringing Communities Back Together

The ASDA Foundation have now introduced grants, with the intention of bringing people together and improving the lives of those in Asda communities with better facilities and easier access to activities for all ages and abilities. Prama were selected for the ASDA Foundation Grant of £915 as well as raffle prize donations, to go towards the Christmas meal at the Old Rope Walk, Hamworthy.

Prama Fundraising Manager, Chris Wakefield said:

"Our work is all about community, bringing people together and all of us seeing the best in each other. We want to make a change in the lives of older people as well as celebrating their lives. Underpinning what we do is the aim for people to enjoy their older age and to be able to use the skills and experience they have developed to help themselves and help others. We shall be bringing together 60 isolated older people together for a Christmas meal at Old Rope Walk Alms Houses".

ASDA Poole Community Colleague, Gabbie Bell said:

"We really appreciate working with a community supporting older people, such as Prama, we are so pleased that they applied for the funding and were successful. So that they can use our community grant to provide Christmas meals for over 60 older people, coming together as a community and not be alone this Christmas."

This will be the first opportunity that people will have had for a communal celebratory meal in over 2 years. Most people will have been on their own during the pandemic and not had the chance to engage with their peers, this meal will bring them together and hopefully rekindle friendships and grow the community.

Many thanks to the ASDA Foundation for supporting Prama, not only have they selected us for the Grant foundation, ASDA have also selected us to be one of their Green Token Charities. Voting is open until the end of October, if you would like to show your support for Prama, feel free to vote and share with friends and family by clicking here: Fundraising | Pramalife.


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