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Blandford Business Awards 2023 - Prama Charity Shops get voted Winners of the Retail Category

Congratulations to the Prama Blandford Charity Shop team, for being the winners of Blandford Business Awards 2023 Retail more

Prama Charity Shop Manager, Sandy Miles, was informed about being in the top three nominees for the Blandford Business Awards 2023 Retail Category and therefore was encouraged to get tickets to come along to the event. Sandy, Shop Manager, Kate, Assistant Manager and Shop Volunteers Rita and Michele, all attended the event.

Sandy said “We are 1 of 9 charity shops in Blandford… and we are the first ever charity to win this award!”

The votes were entered online by local residents of the Blandford Area. Local people nominated Prama Charity Shops for the award, stating how much they loved the shop, which has been open for less than 2 years. Some of the comments made by voters read…

“A very nice Charity Shop with very friendly staff. It is a great cause. Well deserved and worth a visit.”

“It is very convenient to town which makes it accessible to all the people who run this organisation on a paid and volunteer basis who do it out of the goodness of their heart. They give back so much to our community.”

“Sandy Miles, she brings a smile to my face and others. She is so welcoming and always treats everyone as an equal. Very giving.”

“Wonderful staff, always time for a chat with people. Accepting of locals and visitors. I love the fact they support vulnerable adults in work. Inclusion is so important at break down barriers.”

The Prama Blandford Charity Shop opened in 2022, a big well done and thank you to Sandy, Kate and the Blandford Team for gaining so much positive feedback from local residents and for creating such a strong sense of community in Blandford.

Visit the Prama Blandford Charity Shop

Greyhound House, 2 Market Place,

Blandford Forum, DT11 7EB

Monday ­ Saturday

09:30 - 16:30

01258 440994


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1 Comment

Gurleen Nayar
Gurleen Nayar
Apr 17

Huge congrats! You're making a real difference. Fantastic news about the Prama Charity, keep it up! Gurleen Nayar - Antenna Experts

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