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All Donations Make a Difference

We would like to thank Dayfold for their generous donation of paper for the PramaLife Memory Lane Groups! Donations like these really make a difference to the groups and the activities that are held throughout, recieving supplies such as paper, allow PramaLife to fundraise for other expenses, to keep the groups running smoothly.

Janet Capp, Stress Busters Group Leader said:

"We are a small group of carers who have met through their loved ones attending a 'memory lane' group held in St Mary's Church, Ferndown, organised by Prama and run by Allen and his dedicated team of volunteers, Sally and David, who give up there time to bring smiles to there clients.

Our group is named 'stress busters', as full time carers we are under constant stress and worry what the future holds, but within our group we meet for coffee and are able to say how we feel and nobody judges us, as they all understand how we are feeling, and know how alone this incredibly sad journey is.

So to thank Prama for all the incredible work they do, I asked my son if through his company he works for (worked there for the past 35 years) if they could let me have any unwanted paper or card, so that I could pass it onto Prama for the 'craft team' who in turn do wonderful crafting work with the clients . Dayfold at Verwood, stepped in and we can't thank them enough for their generosity.

If you would like to join our group, we meet on the fourth Tuesday of every month, when we always try to have a speaker for an hour and as of November our venue will be Suite 1 at St Mary's Church, Ferndown, where you will be receive very warm welcome. Join us for coffee and if you need guiding in the right direction we will offer you our advice and experiences."

If you would like to learn more about Stress Busters, contact Janet Capp on

If you would like to donate items to PramaLife's Groups and Clubs, please contact


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