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  • Emma Longden

AFC Bournemouth Commemorates Group Leaders for Dedication to Online Sporting Memories Group

During the pandemic, the PramaLife Sporting Memories group, which would normally run at Old Rope Walk in Poole, relocated online for a weekly quiz.

To thank the lovely couple who worked hard to keep the group going all those months during various lockdowns, helping those who attended virtually to feel connected and to keep their spirits up, AFC Bournemouth donated some lovely items, and PramaLife's Bridget Barrett presented Bryn and Claire McGregor with a hamper.

Chris Beale, Director of PramaLife said:

"We are so pleased to be able to thank Bryn and Claire for their dedication. From all of us at Prama, and the team at AFC Bournemouth, we are grateful for everything you have done to keep the Sporting Memories group going virtually, until we can once again be together in person".

Sporting Memories, which is a part of the Sporting Memories network, will return to Old Rope Walk in Poole, as soon as possible. The Sporting Memories group in Alderney, Poole, is now back in person, on alternate Saturdays between 10am and 12noon. For details on all Prama’s groups, visit the PramaLife website.

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